Greg Boyer - Owner

Greg Boyer has designed many styles of landscapes throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond since the mid 1970's. Besides being a Licensed Landscape Contractor, he has a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture and has owned several comprehensive landscape nurseries on Oahu and the Kona Coast of the Big Island for decades.  He considers his nursery to be his laboratory.  This wealth of expertise and education allows Greg to create a tasteful landscape design customized to your desires and sensitivities.  In need of expert advice, visit for a full range of Greg Boyer services.


NURSERY MANAGER - Lani (808-989-0969)

Lani has been a key staff member since we moved our Oahu nursery to Kona in 2008.  As our nursery manager she is responsible for all landscape plants, from seedlings to field stock, so she knows our inventory .  She also helps during job installations so she sees her 'babies'  in the field which has provided her with a wealth of plant knowledge.  We provide quality landscape plants to several landscape contractors in the Kona area and they love her respect for their time.  When you hire us to 'contract-grow' plants for your job, Lani will stick to your schedule and deliver on time.  Contact her if you need us to bid your landscape job.



Our landscape foreman has been with us for over 15 years and knows exactly how to interpret Greg's vision for our clients.  If you are interested in hiring our construction crew for your landscape installation, visit to view the gardens created by Greg, Koa and their team.